48 Things You STILL Didn't Know In Zelda Breath Of The Wild

нийтэлсэн 2021 Туу 30-нд
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Even four years after Zelda's release, there are things in the game you never thought possible. Here is another list of amazing things to show off to your friends.

In the video above, we cover 48 tips and tricks that aren’t quite as well known, ranging from secrets to glitches, some that are pretty simple and others that are fairly complex. With Breath of the Wild having been out for four years at this point, players have found some amazing things, intended or not, that keep the game and its sense of discovery feeling fresh.

Of note, we point out some secrets in Kakariko Village and Gerudo Town that the developers left that aren’t quite as well known, as well as strange techniques, like how to permanently disable a Guardian and cover yourself with impaled arrows. With Breath of the Wild’s highly anticipated sequel still nowhere to be found, these techniques should help you continue to push what you're able to do in the original game.

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    Thanks for watching! This was mostly made from my experience, but also a good portion were submitted by the community so thanks for helping make this video!

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      @Wapuu I

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      I Found out two things today, the death letter colors change due to the way you died, (yellow is electricity, red is normal) and wearing a mask made by that zombie guy makes you mimic what the creature would do. (A Lynel mask would make you stand like a Lynel)

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      whistle near or on an octorok balloon platform you'll may find out something

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      I tried a flurry and I am invisible yesterday

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    6 doesn't work for me :(

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    The unwritten yacht overwhelmingly alert because doctor electronically disapprove upon a glib nepal. tested, calm store

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    I just noticed the guardian red dot on the map just before watching this video

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    Did you know: in Rito Stable, Kass is playing Epona’s Song if you listen carefully

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    Skyrim would blow y’all’s minds

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    I just got this game last week. Didn’t watch the video cause I still don’t know shit lmao

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    Wait why is it called a wind bomb it should be called a wind blue pumpkin

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    I’m playing the game for the first time decided to go to sofas domain after loosing 90% of my arrows and weapons BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE

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    “If you should find my diary somewhere…. DON’T YOU DARE READ IT!”
    Link- proceeds to go read late girlfriend’s diary*
    Our hero everyone 😆

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    I Knew no.10

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    Well, excuuuuuuuuse me, princess.

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    Lmao I never knew about the continus blight Ganond

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    I went to one of the smaller holes they forgot to fill on accident! It was so weird!

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  • Remi Chan

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    Y e a h
    I’m a veteran and I didn’t know half the things from all your videos!

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    1:10 How can you spin attack on Wii U?

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    Wow. I knew about 2 beforehand this time. Cool. (The hidden apple and the food animations)

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    wow....the guardians, got damaged models when you beat them up look at 7:28

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    I'm sure someone has covered one of the traveling merchant dudes spawns in sideways sometimes. Like he's just floating at a (close to) 45° angle 😂😂😂

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    Jeeze. This game is nuts

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    Shout out to the guy who teleported to Vah Ruta and looked at the sky for 30 seconds

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    Not Even the Bokoblins in Hyrule
    Princess Smelda : "You should find my diary somewhere. DONT YOU DARE READ IT! "

    Linkus: 🥲

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    To this day, nobody besides me seems to know the arrow attack multiplying technique (I have no official name for it)

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    i just figured out that in hateno village you can put a cucoo in a blue flame holder

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    at gerudo tower by a moblin there is a hollow rock you can climb inside

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    7:56 and boomerangs (but it might just be the giant boomerang)

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    2:53 I can't pull this off for some reason

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    "An easy work-around for weapon durability is simply t- *audio temporarily muted by random copyright claim on background music* -nd you'll never have to see any weapon break again!"

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    A blue glowi g pumpkin

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    You'd think these videos would be for people who haven't played the game yet but no its for everybody :D

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    Woher bekomme ich das Motorrad?

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    Is there an equally fantastic game as BOTW that I can play while waiting for BOTW2? This was my very first open world game and to me its the best ever. We got it just before the pandemic. Have also played Fenyx Rising and all its DLCs. What is your fav open world game?

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    This was such a good video🤩

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    I have completed 100% of the game and still didn’t know any of these facts except number 19

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    Did you know that the old grandma in Tarrey town also conducts electricity?

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    In 2050: did nou know you cant kill the lakeside stable goats? i know. mind blowing right?

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    Who needs revalis gale now

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    On #23 what is that?!

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    I knew 23

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    at detail 33, at first i thought he was going to say that "find a tree and stay under it to avoid being struck!" lul, actually it is the most dangerous thing to do in real life when a storm is coming.

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    Nam Dương Hoàng

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    when this game was released back in 2017, who could have thought a game with a cartoony graphics and looks casual like this can contain so much details. Actually, it is much much more detailed than nowaday games!

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    Vaccines cause harm. Please check out the documentary called VAXXED (recently banned on Amazon).

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    I knew about the apple under the bridge 😎 I didn’t know anything else but I knew about the apple 😎😎😎

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    Geez how many things didn't I know about Zelda?

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    no wonder this game become game of the year. i take all of my critisim againts this game back then because my favorite nier automata didnt get the GOTY awards .

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    3:49 I pulled out my switch, tried this, and was very surprised to see that it did in fact happen

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    PorkShark Ch.

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    If you've browsed the r/botw subreddit for a considerable amount of time, there's a high chance you'll know all of these. Literally all of these were inspired by Reddit.

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    That alternate swim animation blew me away WHAT I DIDN'T KNOW THAT

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    I want more please

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    “Voe men”
    Hmm yes the floor here is made out of floor

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    4:58 jotaro vs dio when dio stops time and uses knifes

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    Peblits can also be killed with the drill shaft.

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    Breasts of the wild is still awesome

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    Did you also know that is you grab the chicken and jump from a high place you will fly

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    14 - OMFG!!

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    Kann jemand die 47 auf Deutsch übersetzen?

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    The heavy item trick also works with the boomerangs as well.

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    So much more.

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    13 that what they use for

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    1:42 I' m currently replaying the game again and I found this before ever hearing about it lol

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    I found a word rock that you can just walk though like #27! It’s near the great spring on the mountain, on the right side! :)

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    i swear it has been 4 YEARS and people are still finding stuff. what happens when botw 2 comes out? its gonna take like 3 decades till content from it finally ends



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    i literally only knew about the apple in the village of the name i can’t spell lol

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    3:40 I used this to get the finishing blow on fire blight while he was attacking.

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    2039 Krabby patty secret recipe found hidden in BOTW

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    This man doesnt stop

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    3:58 what is that??!!

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    I know about # 10 and I thought it was a korock but no

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    I didn’t know any of these

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    That Moblin just yeetted his friend as a weapon have me losing my shit LOL, never see that happen before.

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    I didn’t think 23 was true but I did it myself

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    8:08 Not true, the Giant Boomerang also works

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    ive played for 4 years now and i still didn't know this

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    Bro the freak how are there so many of these.your vids are amazing btw

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    after 4 years also not yet complete all shrine..korok is way far to complete

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    3:54 I looked up and it did fall but when I went to go grab it it disappeared and now I can’t get it again ☠️😭

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    For that last one, any metal boomerang works too. Also, if you have link and any metal weapon touch any movable object, link can move it effortlessly.

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    lol how did i know #10

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    You can also push open Stone Doors with the Edge of Duality. My sister tried this, and used it since... until it broke from overuse...

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    *Ruthless Roll*

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    With the kids and blue flame you can lead them to the lab and sadly. Nothing happens. Even though she is said to hate kids 😒

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    I tried this a few times, it falls through me and disappears, what do I do?

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    a bit too conceded smug about it but there was sum useful info

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    The Gerudo lady isn't practicing pick up lines, she's practicing to work at a restaurant. She even says so. Now, if we believe her is another story. lol

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    Thank U.

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    I'm Just Wondering Who Would Want To Go Under A Guardian Stalker. Like, There Super Dangerous!

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    watchin' youtube

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    the part where the crushers can open doors and press switches, boomerangs can too, and all other weapons (If Link is touching the thing you want to open/press)

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    when you were talking about the stone smashers and lynel crushers being able to push things other weapons cant i found out the edge of duality also can

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    Actually the royal claymore also can open doors in shrines. I cheesed a part of a shrine with it.