Lakeyah - Female Goat ft City Girls (Official Video)

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Official Video for "Female Goat" ft. City Girls by Lakeyah
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(Reuel, stop playin' with these niggas)
[Verse 1: Lakeyah]
Ayy, they're like, "Lakeyah, why they sleeping on you so hard?"
Don't-don't give a fuck, I'm 'bout to jump back in my Goyard
That's that bitch that keep pullin' out them foreign cars
Put it in reverse to give your broke ass that jump start
I hit my dance on these bitches like I'm Skuba Sada
Drip on me heavy, got these bum hoes scuba divin'
I know they hate to see I'm really cold, I'm goin' viral
Yeah, I been fly since fifteen without a co-pilot (Bitch)
I got these hoes real pressed and I ain't doin' shit
And niggas lyin' on they dick, they ain't screwin' shit
Who said who the biggеr G.O.A.T.? That's some bullshit
Somebody put the hammеr to her head, br-bring that toolkit
I'ma-I'ma keep it real, niggas ain't got no chance
Bring that-bring that cheese, for a feature, I need ten bands
I'm on they ass 'til it ain't one, just all legs
My bitch dick bigger than yours and it's from Tool Shed
These niggas cappin' in they raps, they ain't pop shit
He popped a Perc but that nigga still go soft quick
And they ain't never see me fight but I talk shit
Put them dogs on you, pull up on you, get ya top ripped (Ayy)
And plus my numbers goin' up, she a fan now
And if it's smoke then it's up, you get fanned down
Fuck it, no more pretty shit, I ain't playin' 'round
Bitch, I'm the G.O.A.T., I'm the dog, I'm the man now
I call these broke-ass niggas unstable creatures
And if he eatin' pussy, he an ass eater
My niggas don't give a fuck who you with neither
Beat yo' bitch ass out the joggers and her wife beater
My nigga sent me that beat so I had to do it
And-and I be shittin' on these hoes, I need more Louis
You bum broke-ass hoes still goin' through it
I should give these hoes a one-on-one, I go too stupid, bitch
[Verse 2: JT]
You ain't fuckin' with my clique (At all)
All we gotta do is post a pic, it make him sick (Yeah)
Any nigga I fuck with, he know he gotta spend (Cash)
Any bitch I hang 'round, you know that bitch a ten (Bad)
Got him off a Perc (Yeah), took him out his shirt (Yeah)
Niggas act like bitches so we put 'em all in a skirt (Hm)
Nigga think he own that, he gon' end up on the shirt (Bye)
Made him eat my pussy then I put it in a verse
Bitches mad 'cause I'm winnin' (Ha)
If it's new then I'm in it
Hoes stay in my business (Huh?)
I'm on demon time, got you bitches' niggas sinnin'
Time to school these bitches, where they hall pass? (Yeah)
I don't want your nigga, get your dawg back (Bye)
If he don't get this pussy then that dawg mad (Ayy)
Bad bitches only where my dawgs at (Woo)
[Verse 3: Yung Miami]
If a nigga double-take, then his money, I'ma take
Pussy tight, thighs thick, slurp up on it like a shake
Bitches hard on the 'net but in person, they gon' break
Baby Glock in my bag, but my nigga brought the Drac'
I'ma work him for that bag
Got him braggin' that I came when that shit was really fake
T-bone that nigga, eat his meat like a steak
Slide on that bitch, beat his sister with a rake
Been won the race, tired of bitches 'cause they fake
See my sons in the club, see my sons in my face
I don't move with no mace, tryna put her in a brace
Bitch, it's Miami, I'ma always make it shake (Ho)
Bitches think they slime then we both gon' be snakes
I'ma fuck someone nigga, someone heart that's gon' break
Back that shit up with my ass in his face (Back it up)
Stack that shit up, need some M's for my safe (Period)

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    Miami mess the song up

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    I been sleep for 4 months you killed this baby

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    “Baby glock in my bag but my nigga bought the drake!” O-KAYYY Miami I c u! Stepped up that pen big time huh? And u flowin’ on beat too? This song go so damn hard!! 🔥🔥🔥

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    “Nigga think he on dat, he go end on a shirt”

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    Lakeyah really had the best verse😌

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    Careshhaaaa a fooolll , lmfao this song makes me wanna rob someone ?

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    OFC lakeyah and JT was GONE SNAPPP!! but Miami surprised mmeee SHE DONE STEP UPP

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    I think they need more credit I mean for real these girls are fire when Miami's have. At the end wow

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    Not going to lie once the first shorty started spitting I hope tee grizzley was going to jump on the track

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    And I quote “beat his sister with a rake”😂

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    They all went hard asf😭

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    Miami killed her part ! Love her growth

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    Want to see a collaboration with Tee Grizzley or Peezy from Detroit!! They come with the same fire!!!! Just found about you..... Lots of energy and fire in every song. Huge fan!!!!

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    Young Miami she killed that with that rake

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    This jt like 5th time going viral on TikTok just her verse alone- that’s what u Call built different

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    Jump start 🤣
    #i love this
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    She really remixed Spidey Mayweathers song

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